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 Health Talks session in cooperation with Terkko Health Hub


You are most welcome to join and participate. Sign up for the free online event or attend in person on Monday, May 22nd at 16:00 – 17:30 


The revolution of collecting digitalized health data created an increasing amount of data that can help to develop better healthcare and innovative solutions for patients and healthcare professionals.


Innovative companies are using new methods, with software (AI) and hardware, to collect and use this health data for developing solutions to curb AMR or using the data for Patient Information systems.


In this session, we will discuss how some companies are using those new methods in relation to AMR.  Furthermore we will discuss the effect of AMR in general.


With this Hybrid Event we hope to serve as a forum for dialogue and collaboration between actors from around the society.  Those actors consist of growth companies to global corporations, governments, academia, students, scientists, medical professionals and patients.


The session is organized in a hybrid format starting with a general introduction followed by several speakers and ending with a short Q&A time.


Our speakers:

  • Manuel Freire-Garabal MD. PhD. FRSM  Prof.
  • Nikhil Banerjee is the founder and CEO of innate AI.
  • Sam Sihvonen is co-founder of Solu.