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Patient Platform

Get involved and connect with other people with AMR experiences 

The Global Antibiotics Resistance Foundation has begun to create a new “patient platform”.


The Patient Platform will connect patients, family members and friends who have experienced the results of Antibiotic Resistance (AMR) or other diseases.


By an interactive Patient Platform, we will try to involve you as much as possible in our work.


From personal stories about AMR comes trust, awareness and action so we would like to cooperate in order to tackle this ever growing problem.


Have you been a victim of AMR (Antibiotics Resistance)? Or do you know someone in your inner circle of family and friends?

Please let us know. We would like to hear from you and make your voice heard.


We want to motivate you;

– to attend events and to be connected with your peers.

– Share your experiences or your expertise and encourage others.


Spread the word! Stay tuned – stay safe- stay involved !

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