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Goals & Objectives

The Goal of the Global Antibiotics Resistance Foundation is;
to create global awareness about Antibiotic Resistance, especially among Politicians, Medical Staff and Journalists and to inform/educate about this major problem so they can promote actions and innovation to revert this dangerous situation by developing new antibiotics.

Our objectives are to create global awareness by means of Internet, Events, Media, Communication, Education and other platforms



to convince Governments that the development of new Antibiotics is not optional, but an urgent necessity



to improve stewardship among professionals who use Antibiotics


Unnecessary Use

to decrease the unnecessary use of Antibiotics by improving knowledge

Collect Global


to collect global information about antibiotic resistance, for example why there is less resistance in Norway than in other  parts of the Western world and how this information can be used.  This information is now even more relevant with the Covid-19 pandemic, as secondary bacteria infections seem to enforce the lethal consequences of infection with viruses like Covid-19.

The Time Frame

Antibiotics resistance will not disappear in a few years. It will require a long term commitment for many years to go in which period the Public Awareness will grow, programs will be developed to improve global stewardship and new antibiotic drugs will have to be developed with full support of our Governments.