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TGAR Foundation and AMR Insights to join forces

Amsterdam; The Netherlands / Helsinki; Finland (22nd May, 2021): AMR Insights and The Global Antibiotic Resistance Foundation (TGARF) are happy to announce the global collaboration on combating Antimicrobial resistance (AMR). For professionals in the ‘One Health’ sectors worldwide who wish to prevent Antimicrobial resistance, AMR Insights offers relevant global information, specific education and extensive partnering opportunities. TGARF focuses on increasing the global awareness on AMR, especially related to governmental institutes, media, medical staff, authorities and patient platforms. Both parties are committed to eliminating AMR because they do not accept that millions of innocent people need to die as a result of resistant bacteria and other microorganisms. The parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to lay down the intentions to join forces.

Dr Maarten van Dongen, Director AMR Insights, said:

” AMR is a growing global problem. The key to successfully combating AMR is for professional organisations to cooperate and to complement each other wherever possible. Let’s tear down the walls around our organisations instead of building and strengthening them.”

This fits perfectly into TGARF’s strategy:

“By cooperating with the media, we will make governments, doctors, patient organisations much more aware of AMR. We see many opportunities in the global cooperation with AMR Insights.”

according to Stephanie van Rossum, COO of TGARF.

Terkko Health Hub and TGAR Foundation started a cooperation

Terkko Health Hub and TGAR Foundation signed an MOU to create awareness about AMR and the Patient Platform for the Nordic Finnish Student Campus.


Helsinki; Finland (29th Nov, 2022): Do Company OY-Terkko Health Hub and The Global Antibiotic Resistance Foundation (TGARF) are proud to have signed an MOU related to their collaboration on combating Antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Terkko Health Hub represents the biggest start-up and innovation environment in a student campus in Finland and can promote specific education which could give extensive partnering opportunities. TGARF focuses on increasing global awareness related to AMR.

AMR is one of the top three underlying causes of death in the world. And we have in Terkko community: start ups, students, doctors and researchers. The best way to tackle this issue is to raise awareness about it in this community. These are the representatives of this matter and are the people who study it, who learn it, who tackle it, especially dentistry and medical students.

-Rashad Ismayil

TGAR FOUNDATION and OAZIS HEALTH collaborating to combat Global Antimicrobial Resistance

Kigali; Rwanda/ Helsinki; Finland (30th of January 2024): Our organizations, THE GLOBAL ANTIBIOTICS RESISTANCE FOUNDATION (TGARF) and OAZIS HEALTH, are proud and happy to announce their collaboration on combating Global Antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Both organizations will closely work together to empower future healthcare providers (students) and patients to contain the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance.  

Containing Antimicrobial Resistance, through capacity building of future and current healthcare providers, students, and patients, is one of the core goals of OAZIS HEALTH and TGARF.    

Future healthcare providers need to know more about this global health threat that still receives limited attention in healthcare education, research and policy discussions. Empowering healthcare students on AMR prepares them to become future antimicrobial stewards during their practices and inspires them to pursue thesis and further careers related to AMR like One Health among these. With time, they become policy makers and researchers who advocate and promote antimicrobial saving practices and policies. Patients need to be able to show their face and use their voice in telling their stories about AMR and inform the Public about the coming danger of increasing AMR. 

The GAR Foundation and OAZIS Health have started their collaboration to create platforms, among others but not solely, for empowering and informing patients and students about AMR. Some of those platforms will be used for webinars and courses raising AMR awareness.  

Healthcare students will be able to acquire more knowledge to prepare them to become our future antimicrobial stewards.