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Terkko Health Hub and TGAR Foundation signed an MOU to create awareness about AMR and the Patient Platform for the Nordic Finnish Student Campus.


Helsinki; Finland (29 Nov, 2022): Do Company OY-Terkko Health Hub and The Global Antibiotic Resistance Foundation (TGARF) are proud to have signed an MOU related to their collaboration on combating Antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Terkko Health Hub represents the biggest start-up and innovation environment in a student campus in Finland and can promote specific education which could give extensive partnering opportunities. TGARF focuses on increasing global awareness related to AMR.

AMR is one of the top three underlying causes of death in the world. And we have in Terkko community: start ups, students, doctors and researchers. The best way to tackle this issue is to raise awareness about it in this community. These are the representatives of this matter and are the people who study it, who learn it, who tackle it, especially dentistry and medical students.

-Rashad Ismayil